Sabin Dima (Humans) - Founder Stories

Sabin Dima (Humans) - Founder Stories

We have the great opportunity to dive deep into the story of interesting founders, exploring their backgrounds, their vision and their route to success. We also have the chance to explore their most successful projects, and what they are trying to achieve and why.

Today we are glad to introduce Sabin Dima - Founder of Humans.

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Hi Sabin; we hope you are well. Could you give us a quick intro about yourself?

Hi! I don’t like to talk much about myself, but I am excited to talk more about the topics that have been my greatest passion for over half of my life, such as technology and building solutions that have a positive impact on the way we live our lives. I am a serial entrepreneur, extremely passionate about tech products and emerging innovations in the space of AI, web3 and synthetic media.

As the co-founder and CEO of, I am happy I get to work with some of the greatest minds that share my passion for development and for using technology to redesign a better future for us all. I strongly believe that, if we can create any world, a new world, we should build the perfect world. It’s important to learn from mistakes from the past and try to do things differently.

So, starting from scratch, we can design it like the world that we have dreamed of - one in which we want to own, not only to participate in; one in which we want everything to be fully transparent and to evolve through limitless scalability, to grow at a tremendous pace without anything to stop us. This is the web3 we are building,  the principles that define me as an entrepreneur and with the greatest tool ever invented - AI, which is revolutionising everything and has tremendous unexplored potential in the web3 space. 

What would you like to share about your journey in the Web3 space?

My journey into the web3 space started with my intense preoccupation with the ethical use of AI in general and the need to control this powerful tool, while also fueling its scalability.

The AI tool is so disruptive from the others. It’s a tool that creates other tools. It’s an invention that will create other inventions. It's the last invention ever built by us humans. Depending on how we decide to use this tool, depending on the framework that this tool will live in, it will make all the difference. It can scale our potential beyond our imagination.

Regarding the ethical use of AI and because it’s a tool so powerful that it can help you create anything, maybe I don't want to create anything with my AI voice. I want to create and control. I believe that the truth is the business of the future. The main responsibility of our generation is to know the truth. And it’s becoming harder and harder to know it. My AI powered synthetic voice tricked my mom that it’s the real me on the phone. Technology can empower us to become almost super-humans by using AI, but only with the right framework: ownership, transparency and governance. And I realised we can achieve this by using AI and Blockchain together.

My mission with has been to encourage the ethical use of AI, by building the right framework in which the AI models can be trained, secured, and put to work in our best interest. 

What is How does AI, as a vertical, integrate with Web3, and can you give a few use cases already out there?

I like to say that we at are in the business of scaling human potential. How? By combining the power of Blockchain with Artificial Intelligence and empowering humans to benefit from the new technologies to create anything they can imagine. 

So, we have created the first blockchain for AIs in the world. By leveraging complex artificial intelligence neural networks and blockchain, we can enable anyone to create and produce at scale, regardless of their tech prowess. 

I now believe that a year spent in artificial intelligence is enough to make one believe in God… As we are entering an era of continuous disruption, we are empowered to create and scale our potential into the infinite, or to even gain immortality and continue to live forever in the digital world. 

When I heard my AI talking in Portuguese or French (languages I do not speak) for the first time and when I played with Chat GPT for the first time, I understood that this is the end of the world as we know it. And we need to unlearn everything that we know, and open our minds to a different tomorrow. 

The AI economy will surpass our current economy. That’s a huge opportunity for the builders of the future and even bigger for humanity as a whole. I believe that in the not so distant future there will be two species: humans and humans dot AI.

This is why with we aim to empower the next-generation through an ecosystem around the use of AI, to create at scale. Decentralised AI will be the new order in artificial intelligence.

As AI is slowly consuming the world, enriching industries and businesses, at we aim to assist the transition of artificial intelligence, AI models and AI-based solutions from the centralised Web2 domain to a decentralised paradigm, where AI becomes a democratised asset that is constantly monitored by real humans to ensure its ethical use.

To make our vision for an AI economy a reality, we have created the first blockchain for AIs, an ecosystem tailored to mitigate some of the most pressing issues that revolve around the execution, monetization and governance of AI. But this is just the tip of the technological iceberg, as the Blockchain pushes beyond the limitations associated with blockchain technology, such as the lack of interoperability, to bring the execution and management of artificial intelligence into the Web3 era. Using the Cosmos SDK as a foundation, the Blockchain is the first interoperable blockchain infrastructure from the Cosmos ecosystem that can store, manage and ethically deploy AI.

The biggest technical and adoption challenge is Interoperability. You are  able to mint your AI in the blockchain of AIs. To mint an AI capable of empowering you to speak in Chinese, or any other language, to have the proof of ownership and the private key to run it. But, in order to be accessible we need to have the blockchain of AIs interoperable, to be compatible and easily plugable into any existing or new ecosystem.  We passed the technical test, with over 1000 validators enrolled in our Testnet. Now, we are excited to pass the adoption test. 

You are planning to deploy your Mainnet at the end of May. What can users expect from the upgrade, and how do you plan to grow your ecosystem further?

The mainnet will be live on May 29th. I am very excited for the Blockchain gearing up to take the world of AI and blockchain by becoming the first blockchain in the world, able to store, execute and manage artificial intelligence.

But changing the world doesn’t happen overnight. Our team building the Blockchain for AIs is working around the clock to deliver and fine-tune this cutting-edge infrastructure.

With the Mainnet, delegators (users) will be able to stake their tokens with their validator of choice to secure the network. They will be able to shape the direction of the blockchain by submitting and voting on-chain governance proposals. They will also be empowered to decide to change global parameters, upgrade the network or even decide how community funds are spent. Also, delegators will be able to interact with other IBC-enabled projects in Cosmos after the governance proposal to enable it will pass.

An important advantage is that users will see a sharp decrease in fees compared to the Ethereum network, while still being able to use our network with the world’s most popular web3 wall browser extension, Metamask. They will be able to interact on-chain with the AIs present in the AI Library to create varied AI generated synthetic media.

The Blockchain is evolving as an infrastructure that supports the AI economy and AI-driven world we are steadily heading into. One of the main characteristics of decentralised AI is that it enables privacy and security. In a centralised system, all data is stored in a single location, making it more vulnerable to hacking and other cybersecurity threats. In contrast, a decentralised AI system stores data across a network of devices, making it more difficult for hackers to hijack sensitive information because there is no single point of failure. 

With the Blockchain, all the data is distributed across multiple systems and users. This design choice is particularly useful for applications that involve sensitive information, such as finance, healthcare and even government records.

Another valuable characteristic of decentralised AI is that it is more efficient. With centralised AI systems, all processing takes place in a single location, which usually leads to bottlenecks and traffic congestion that results in slower response times. In contrast, a decentralised system distributes processing across a network of devices, enabling faster and more efficient processing, making it invaluable for applications that require real-time decision-making, such as autonomous vehicles.

Decentralised AI will also be more scalable than centralised AI. With a centralised system, adding more processing power requires expensive hardware upgrades. This is known as vertical scaling, the process through which a system is upgraded with more powerful equipment to increase its performance. The main drawback is that high-tech equipment leads to a huge spike in costs. In contrast, a decentralised system scales more efficiently by simply adding more devices to the network. This is known as horizontal scaling, which is a more cost-effective and flexible option for applications that require varying levels of processing power.

As I mentioned, our mission to democratise artificial intelligence and enhance collaboration and cooperation during its development, made possible through our Blockchain for AIs.

Your native token, $HEART, is often labelled “The fuel of AIs.” Could you tell us more about its utility and how users and businesses can take advantage of it?

I usually say that $HEART is basically the heartbeat of the ecosystem. Our history is a story of creators. We at are building the ecosystem that empowers people to raise, control, and own artificial intelligence. By combining the power of blockchain with Artificial Intelligence, allows anyone anywhere to create and scale their potential to the infinite. How do we do it? The answer rests in our unique token backed by humans. The  $HEART token enables anyone to participate in the governance of the ecosystem and facilitate key flows of value within it.

Governance is paramount in the ecosystem, as we are putting humans at the forefront of the AI revolution with the sole objective to align the AI’s objective with ours. Governance stems from everything we do, thus, $HEART plays the central role in the governance and payments system within the ecosystem.

Also, utilises NFTs to recognize assets within its ecosystem - algorithms, data, AIs - and ensures contributions to delivering valuable outcomes are adequately accounted for and recognized. Basically, $HEART also serves as the default incentive as various stakeholders contribute key value. These incentives include rewards for everything from creating an AI developer account and getting it validated, uploading technology, account validation, participating in governance to providing Proof-of-Human.

By leveraging blockchain technology to control the AI via our Proof-of-Human solution, I can confidently say that we are taking the token process to a whole new level. We are creating a next-generation blockchain, with a state of the art token utility at its heart!

What are some of the other exciting products you are working on next?

Of course, we are most excited for our much awaited Blockchain, but we are working on several other products that we look forward to revealing to our community soon, which are also benefiting from the AI and blockchain synergy.

At the basis of what we do in the AI spaces is that we need humans in the loop. AI will not replace us, but a person using AI will. So, we want to make things interesting for the web3 community, by empowering them to use an advanced AI companion to help them in navigating the web3 space.

It is called BrainBrain and it’s an advanced proprietary large language model, trained intensively on web3 data. This solution is something completely unique, far from any other smart chat solutions on the market using ChatGPT APIs to interact with users. 

I don’t want to give away too much, as we will make the big reveal soon, but I am very excited to see how it will disrupt the way users interact with the web3 space. 

Our BrainBrain solution will be the most advanced web3 AI powered companion for the crypto community and beyond, empowering users to own their curiosity and offer a real advantage with amazing real time market insights, in a very friendly and easy to use environment.

Strong technology is here to help us win in everything that we aspire to do. This principle stands at the basis of everything we are trying to build.

You are currently building Alverse, a multifaceted ecosystem that addresses some of the significant dysfunctions in the current AI status quo. Could you tell us a bit more about this initiative and what value it adds?

The AIVERSE is basically our complex ecosystem that fuses artificial intelligence and blockchain technology to set the foundation which will unite AI developers, researchers, and consumers to easily adopt AI solutions, while guaranteeing safe and ethical usage.’s AIVERSE will address some of the major dysfunctions present in the current AI status quo. As AI is rapidly gaining traction all around the world, benefiting numerous industries and businesses, our mission is to assist the transition of artificial intelligence, AI models, and AI-based solutions from the centralised Web2 domain, where giants of the tech industry hold the reins to innovation development, to a decentralised environment, where artificial intelligence is becoming a democratised asset. By merging AI with blockchain, we aim to give people control and ownership over the future evolution of the technology. The AIVERSE offers access to advanced technology, supporting people in building more agile solutions and the tech companies of the future. 

For example, 99% of the AIs that will define our future are not yet fully developed. In our AIVERSE, we aim to include solutions which are bold and mature enough to redefine our future reality with the help of artificial intelligence.

We continue our mission to expand the world of possibilities beyond imagination, creating real-life AI solutions for every human. Together, in a powerful ecosystem governed by the blockchain’s inherent benefits, the universe of AIs will grow and become a part of our everyday lives, helping people and societies to function in a better world, where imagination is our only limit.



Thank you Sabin for the interesting interview. Good luck with your project!

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