Ethernity AMA - Key Takeaways

Ethernity AMA - Key Takeaways
Njani Ruetsch

Before the session, we asked, community followers to pre-submit their questions via Twitter. During the 45min AMA, Nick, Founder and CEO of Ethernity answered a series of pre-selected questions from both the community and At the end of the session, we asked live participants to submit their questions which Nick also answered. 

Below are the key takeaways from the AMA and the questions that were asked. Questions

Q1: To start our AMA, please tell us what was the motivation for starting Ethernity?

Nick: So, I’m kind of a veteran in the space, i've been in the blockchain space for a long time, since 2011, and it's where all the excitement and innovation has been for the last decade or more. What started as a “what if” sort of conversation has grown into this reality. It’s been a crazy ride so far and there’s nothing I’d rather be doing than this. The future is looking so bright and im very excited for the things to come with ethernity and ethernal labs (our studio). 2011 seems like a lifetime ago! Very exciting,  thank you Nick, let's move onto the next question

Q2: What were the company’s biggest highlights to date?

Nick: oh man..there are almost too many to come to mind! Looking back, I remember talking to Marcelo, my co-founder and current Head Engineer, when we were just formulating the idea. We were so excited but had no idea the exact path we were about to embark upon - but we could both feel it was big! Because of Ethernity, I’ve not only got to meet so many amazing people but actually worked with them. The first Welcome to the Internet Jason Heauser collection was so much fun. We were really just a fledgling company then, and we’ve learned so much since then - but it was a strong start and we are doing everything we can to stay true to that same future-facing wildly creative ethos as we expand. And of course, Leo Messi was not only someone who I am a personal fan of, but it was a watershed moment in terms of Ethernity partnerships. Incredible highlights especially a partnership with Messi! Congrats to you and your team. Next question.

Q3: It is quite clear that the market has shifted. How are you adapting navigating web3, NFTs etc?

Nick: As far as long term aims, nothing has shifted - we see in the distance of 5, 10, 20 years the arc of where this technology is going. Short term, we expect the unexpected and our team understands the need for flexible and creative strategy! Web3 is maturing, but still super new in the larger scheme of things, and none of us are content with well-trod paths. Our collectibles strategy is evolving day to day and our video game that ethernal labs building is going to bring some game changing aspects to web3 gaming. the common denominator of everything we are building is our native token $ERN. Flexibility is essential in all aspects of life. Thank you for clarifying this Nick. Next question.

Q4: You’re operating like a studio model and have a lot of exciting developments coming up for example, you just launched a DAO, what inspired that?

Nick: For us, community is paramount, our customers and community our our heroes - we often like to chat with Ethernity supporters and enthusiasts to talk about what we’re doing, but more importantly what interests them and their thoughts and opinions about Ethernity, Web3, and digital collectibles in general. We’ve got some really smart and interesting people in our community from all over the world and we wanted a really simple way to get this broad group of people to weigh in on some decisions. This is really the simplest, most effective way to make sure everyone gets an equal say in some important moves we make. The first issue was up for vote - about the structure of our hugely popular Stones Events - and the community has spoken! We are already hard at work building out a 24/7 Stones Store, all driven by community demand! Listening to your community seems key for any project! Lets’ now discuss Ethernity’s mobile app.

Q5: When will Ethernity’s mobile app be released and what will differentiate it?

Nick: Ethernity’s mobile app will be available for beta testing before the end of Q2, and will be available for download soon after that. Our dedicated community members will be the first in line to test drive it, and we are so excited to be on the verge of getting to share it.

Our mobile app is going to be a venue for digital collectibles that will be intuitive to use for audiences newer to the technology, while allowing veteran collectors a secure and seamless way to browse, trade, and gather authenticated collectibles that will deliver on the caliber of artwork that Web3 collectors expect. Part of the fun of the app is making it easy and approachable to people who are hesitant to venture too far from the familiar waters of Web2. Our app will be a hybrid of Web2 and Web3, creating an onramp for more people than ever to enjoy the innovative technology that is revolutionizing art and culture.

This will be a phygital experience, which means it will connect physical and digital collecting. Physical posters, comic books, collectible figures, and merchandise will be available for claim on demand. This will bridge the world of artwork, animation, and game design with real life objects you can hold and display at home.

Once the app is released, we will have the perfect venue to debut new and exciting technology that is currently in development and will be ready further in the future. The AR we are currently experimenting with is melting my mind, and once it's tested and polished it will be an additional layer of utility we will add down the road.

Q6: Will you be able to use your native token ERN in the app? 

Nick: So, apple doesn't fully allow erc-20 utility token usage for now so we are by passing this with have a zero value digital token  in app that's called CRYSTALS, which will be the primary means of exchange for collectibles within the app that will provide a smooth and more streamlined user experience within the app BUT to purchase CRYSTALS you will need to go to our webstie abd refill your wallet by spending ERN, so like i said all roads lead to ern and to be able to participate you have to go through that very easy proccess. to make it simple and easy for everyone to undertand imagine that crystals will be like v-bucks (fortnite) and usd (ern).

Additionally, we will enable users to cash out their CRYSTALS into ERN or Fiat. This will give users the freedom to manage their assets in the way that best suits their needs.

We're committed to providing a seamless and secure user experience for all of our users and are currently in discussions with payment service providers to make this possible. Super exciting, we look forward to the up and coming release of your mobile app. Moving on to the next question

Q7: You’re then launching a comic series, the Exorians. What is it?

Nick: The Exorians Universe is the first big creative project coming out of Ethernal Labs, and I’m literally obsessed with it lol. Scott Snyder and Frank Tieri are writing the story, between the two of them there’s no corner of the world of comics they haven’t been- and where they’re taking us next is going to be incredible. The visuals of this comic series are Ryan Smallman, Dan Panosian, and Ryan Ottley, a real super start team, if you dont kmow them google their names etc. All have unique graphic languages and are so talented and creative. It’s inspiring to be working with this team, there's really nothing else like it.. ecited for exorians , our comic series will launch first, collectibles then and our game last. Everyone loves comics, exciting stuff!

Q8: That tees up your gaming division and the build out of the Exorians Universe. How does all this fit together?

Nick: The gaming division is its own separate team in a parternship with a 3rd party gaming studido, our investor + advisor thomas vu has helped us a lot with valuable advice, he was one of the key people responsible for developing League of Legends, Valorant, and other Riot Games creations. There are some intersections and team crossover, but for the most part we are getting people in place that are the best at what they do and giving them the space and resources they need to design a AAA video game. It’s a complex process to develop a game like this, and it's tricky because it's not just about the mechanics of gameplay, it's about capturing that lightning in a bottle. Ethernal Labs exists to give creative autonomy to these great minds while also offering a strong structure to help the game take shape and grow into an even more expansive universe.

Ultimately, ERN will be the common token for everything across the Ethernal Labs ecosystem. Collectibles, gaming, the comic series -its all interwoven. Incredible accomplishments! Lets now move on to selected question from Twitter.

Twitter Question (Pre-Submitted)

Q9: (@Gunnerioo) How does Ethernity Chain address issues around interoperability and cross-chain compatibility, and what are its plans for integrating with other blockchain networks and platforms?

Nick: Interoperability and cross-chain compatibility are very important to us but at the same time we want to make sure our products are minted into safe environments, for example, lets say a valuable comic book of ours was purchased off chain and minted lets the solana ecosystem..we wanna make sure the community is aware that after that moment, if that blockchain for any reason fails, there isnt anything we could for starters we are looking into partnering up with blockchains we trust  and will gurantee safety of our products such as ethereum, polygon, algorand, avalanche and who knows.. maybe sooner or later our own L1.. we ll see 😉 Very interesting question as cross-chain and interoperability are essential. Thank you for clarifying this Nick.

Live Telegram Questions

Q10: (@brainbecerra74): Where are Ethernity Chain NFTs listed if i want to buy an NFT?

Nick: and our token is listed everyhwere uniswap, quickswap, Coinbase, Binance, Huobi, okx, Kucoin and

Q11: (@winfordotero2000): What games are being developed under Ethernity Labs? Can you give us any hints Ethernity ?

Nick: EU can check my twitter @iamnickrose or @exorians and u will see snippets! pls join ur community, we will give gaming demo access to ERN holders within the next 60 days.

Q12: (@ColettaMetzler46): Staking programs are very important for every project. Can I stake your Token (ERN)?                                                                                             

Nick: We have LP Staking, Fixed Staking and NFT staking all on We recently launched simple staking with binance - see here\

Thank you to Nick, the Ethernity Team, and all community members who joined!

It was a pleasure hosting another AMA with Injective. A big thank you to the 150community members who participated and pre-submitted questions. During the live session we also received over 40 questions within 30 seconds, which shows great enthusiasm and engagement.

We are looking forward to our next AMA session, watch out for the announcement soon.

Njani Ruetsch