UART CROWDFUNDING 2023 (UART token) is in full swing🤝! Don't miss your chance to participate and get UART! 🚀 is an #Ignis-based digital assets #NFT marketplace!

UART CROWDFUNDING 2023 (UART token) is in full swing🤝! Don't miss your chance to participate and get UART! 🚀 is an #Ignis-based digital assets #NFT marketplace!

UART crowdfunding 2023 (UART token)

Hi everyone! As you know, I’ve been passionate about the Nxt blockchain for a very long time, and I really like Ardor and people from our community. As you probably remember, I want to create the project as a platform for collective creativity. I really wanted to integrate it with other blockchain projects so that I can use BTC Lightning Network to create NFTs on IGNIS. But after doing a lot of research, I realized that in order to build a really valuable important and strong project, you need more than I collected using crowdfunding last time. A strong project needs a legal structure, more powerful servers, advertising, airdrops to attract users, and an audit from security experts. I really didn’t want to do a new crowdfunding, but unfortunately I have to.

I increased the number of UARTs to 10 000 000 UARTs and want to distribute 2 050 000 more UART tokens. Therefore, I am announcing a new crowdfunding, this time the goal is to raise 5 000 000 IGNIS and 50 000–350 000 ARDR. For every 5 IGNIS you will receive 1 UART tokens. For every 1 ARDR you will receive 3 UART tokens.

What can UART be used for when is launched? - Buying paid ads on the marketplace - Paying the marketplace fees - Purchasing of exclusive NFT collections

What expenses do I want to cover using the coins collected in this crowdfunding: 1. Product development — mobile app, launch, launch 2. Hiring new developers for one-time jobs. 3. Renting servers and setting up a CDN provider 4. Hiring an SMM manager for 12 months. 5. Hiring a designer for 12 months. 5. Creation of a legal structure for the project. Lawyer consulting. 6. Advertising and airdrop in social networks

Distribution and Tokenomics

ALL Amount UART — 10 000 000 UART Crowdfunding 2022 — 1 000 000 UART Crowdfunding 2023 — 2 050 000 UART Airdrop among 5000–25000 users — 2 000 000 UART Reserve fund and liquidity fund — 4 950 000 UART

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Asset Id: 5268223955829782420


Video instruction

Please participate in the financing of and Ardor.World.

The crowdfunding campaign will run until June 30, 2023. If the goal of 5 000 000 IGNIS and 50 000 ARDR is not reached by this date, I will leave 10% of the collected tokens for the development of, the rest will be returned to the wallets from which it was sent.

How to participate using ARDR? 1. Go to this wallet (ARDOR-K9KH-YYFT-B5AR-AEH35) and check that the amount of ARDR is up to 350 000 ARDR 2. If less than 350 000 ARDR, you can send your coins until there is 350 000 ARDR on the UART wallet (ARDOR-K9KH-YYFT-B5AR-AEH35). 3. At the end of crowdfunding, you will be credited with UARTs at the rate of 1 ARDR = 3 UARTs. 4. Coins sent from an exchanger or over 350 000 ARDR will be returned to their owners. 5. The message “I am participating in UART crowdfunding 2023” must be attached to the transfer in the message.

Please subscribe and share with your followers! Together we will make the Ardor ecosystem great! Project history FAQ Crowdfunding rules.

1. You must use only your personal Ardor wallet, to which you have full access. 2. All transfers are non-refundable, except for transfers in excess of 350 000 ARDR 3. This is not an investment or a security, this is a token of the future service, which is given for participation in the UART crowdfunding 2023 4. Participate only with the funds you are willing to donate.

What happens if the required number of coins is not collected? All collected coins will be used to refine

Risk Factors / Disclaimer Do your risk assessment carefully. By purchasing UART asset, you confirm that you are making a donation that is not an investment opportunity and does not imply any profit.

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I don’t know when I’ll launch it, but I’m working in this direction more than in any other.

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