Mass Crypto Adoption - What's The Future OF DMD DIAMOND COINS

Mass Crypto Adoption - What's The Future OF DMD DIAMOND COINS

Mass Crypto Adoption — What’s The Future Of DMD Diamond Coins?

Beyond the recent crypto winter, day in, day out — there is a higher level of awareness about Cryptocurrencies and their use-cases. In the crypto market sizing report (2021 and 2022) forecast, it was speculated that the number of global crypto owners should reach 1 billion by the year-end of 2022. Then the next question is, what percentage would DMD diamond coins fill among the speculated owners?

Blockchain projects (with their native coins) are getting launched almost every day, however, projects with sustainable use-cases focusing on problem-solving have differentiating characteristics that make them future-promised, compared to those blockchains/cryptocurrencies that go to a halt in little time.

DMD diamond blockchain (with its native coin- DMD diamond coin) has demonstrated to be sustainable over the years. From 2013 till the moment, it has continued to grow, and showcase significance. Following the DMD v4 launch, it would use the first industry consensus — the HBBFT algorithm. Robust security, higher throughput, cheap transaction cost, and an EVM-compatible smart contract system, amongst others, are some of its features.

An NFT Marketplace where NFT creators and enthusiasts could meet to transfer digital ownership of artworks, and other assets, is also in development and planned to be on top of the blockchain. Also, the unique Diamonds game would bring unique collector experiences — a project also on top of the DMD diamond blockchain v4.

We also have a community of enthusiasts who are passionate about our ecosystem. We keep them updated about the progress of our blockchain and native coin. On November 7th this year, our CVO will be at the Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Summit where he will talk about the cooperative consensus of DMD v4.

Therefore, we are not only confident about the awareness of the DMD diamond blockchain, and its native coin, but also for future massive adoption of our native coin and blockchain — as we won’t relent in dishing out significant use-cases that are problem-driven.

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