Best Node.js Library for Creating a Payment Portal with Monero

Best Node.js Library for Creating a Payment Portal with Monero

Hello, Monero community!

I recently used a site called that accepted Monero payments, amongst other cryptocurrencies, and they did it in a really incredible and clean way (in my opinion).

Basically, when you want to pay with Monero, you first select the amount that you want to push. For example, $20. They then generated a single-use address that you can push to.

Once the funds are received at that address, then the transaction is reflected as complete. In theory, I imagine you can open an unlimited number of transactions a a user, not sure how they monitor all of them or decide when to close them.

Altogether I thought this experience was wonderful!

I want to implement something similar on a website. However, I poked around and was not pleased with what I found with regard to open source and official packages.

In fact, it was a bit confusing to figure out which site was even the primary maintainer of the Monero project. I think the closest I could get to the answer of the official code to use is this repo:

But there wasn't anything in particular that describes how to leverage the CLI in coordination with Node.js to create addresses, check the balance of a wallet, or send payments.

There are bespoke projects like this:

But when it comes to something so private and so security-minded I can't use a non-official package in good conscience for handling user payments.

Perhaps I'm overthinking this, but wanted to ask the community for recommendations here before going any further down the rabbit hole. Thanks