Sinfinite - SFN
Sinfinite X CoinMarketCap: +$120,000 SFN Airdrop Campaign

Participate in Sinfinite X CoinMarketCap: +$120,000 SFN Airdrop Campaign.
Get up to 400 SFN Tokens

Sinfinite X CoinMarketCap: +$120,000 SFN Airdrop Campaign
Total Airdrop Amount2000000
Number of Winners5000
How to participate?

###How to participate?

1 - Follow Sinfinite on the CoinMarketCap Community

2 - Add Sinfinite to your CoinMarketCap Watchlist

3 - Follow Sinfinite’s Twitter account

4 - Retweet Sinfinite's pinned tweet

5 - Join Sinfinite on Telegram chat

6 - Join Sinfinite on Telegram Announcements Channel

###Learn more about the Sinfinite Here!

###Reward 5,000 Winners: 25$ worth of SFN tokens. If the winners stake their SFNs in Sinfinite staking app, you will get an additional $15 reward!

##Distribution Winners will be announced via CoinMarketCap! Prizes will be airdropped by Sinfinite to all winners after the event. Wishing you all the very best of luck!

###Date of Distribution: December 16

###What is Sinfinite? Sinfinite is a decentralized multi-chain protocol for DeFi liquidity, staking and yield farming. The Sinfinite ecosystem is completely community-driven and open. Sinfinite allows users to stake their digital assets with maximum APY.

###What is SFN? SFN is the native currency and governance token for our protocol. The SFN token is used for governance, yield rewards, and intranet payments in the Sinfinite protocol. The SFN token has an anti-inflation mechanism that, by burning the token, causes the growth of the ecosystem in the long term. SFN tokens play a vital role in Sinfinite.